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Our Tutors

The tutors at Warragul Community House are experts in their field and have a passion for sharing their knowledge with members of the community like you.

Maureen Quigley.jpg

Maureen Quigley Painting, Drawing

Rob McCormack.jpg

Rob McCormack Philosophy, Rhetoric

Joanne Watt.jpg

Joanne Watt Dance, Movement, Ballet


Stanley Lithco.jpg

Stanley Lithco Yoga, Feldenkrais, Sit-Fit

Alicia Cameron.jpg

Alicia Cameron Computers, English & Maths

Ilana Leeds.jpg

Ilana Leeds English Language

Michael Klein.jpg

Michael Klein Mechanics

Janet Wiley.jpg

Janet Wiley Mosaics

Ben Burton.jpg

Ben Burton Cooking

Natasha Vorogushin.jpg

Natasha Vorogushin Cooking

Quentin Christensen.jpg

Quentin Christensen Computers/IT

Steph Tout.jpg

Steph Tout Photography

Vicky Daddo.jpg

Vicky Daddo Writing Fiction & Non-Fiction

Luke Matthews.jpg

Luke Matthews Guitar, Song writing, Uke